Heart of Kentucky United Way Day of Action 2015


Operating since the 1940s, Heart of Kentucky United Way serves a four-county area of Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer.


To mobilize people to give, advocate, and volunteer, creating opportunities for a good life for all.



We seek to empower agencies in our four counties to serve the needs in three priorities: Education, Income, and Health.

Meet the People at Heart of KY United Way


Stephanie Blevins

Executive Director

Karli Graves
Administrative Director



John Funkhouser 2020/2021 Campaign Chair 

Allen Goldie President 

Richard Trollinger President Elect 

Bill Gooch Treasurer 

Stephanie Blevins Executive Director/Secretary 



Jennifer Broadwater

Ernest Dunn

Bill Gooch

Paul Purcell

Richard Trollinger 


Taylor Bottom

Jerry Carter

John Funkhouser

Boone Logan

Keith Look

Troy Wheeler 


John Antonelli

Michelle Carter

Craig Crain

Marty Gibson

Allen Goldie

Jamie Votaw

Heart of Kentucky United Way Non-Discrimination Policy:

Heart of Kentucky United Way recognizes and promotes the right of all employees to be treated with respect and dignity. All employment policies and practices shall be conducted without discrimination in accordance with local, state and federal legislation.

Equity is the foundation of our work, from our engagement with donors to our investment of community resources to our interactions with the public. We define equity as the presence of justice and fairness within the procedures, processes and distribution of resources by institutions or systems. We commit to equity as a core value and practice to advance our mission of connecting people, resources and organizations to create a thriving community for everyone. Our mission compels us to prioritize historically marginalized and systematically excluded people. It is necessary to focus on race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, as well as other intersectional identities, to end the historical, social and systemic inequities that persist in our county.

We acknowledge that we can only be successful if we recognize, raise up and support leaders from underrepresented neighborhoods. United Way is committed to engaging these leaders as partners, donors and volunteers. Further, we commit to intentionally creating pathways for them to be included in decision-making and leadership roles within our own and other organizations. We can only eliminate inequity when all individuals reach their fullest human potential. We maintain that building and sustaining equity in our county requires an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion that is fully expressed in our organizational culture, values, norms and behaviors and those of our partners.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, HKUW has a firm policy that a prospective employee’s or a current employee’s age, sex, ethnicity, national origin, race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation or disability will not interfere with hiring, promotion, pay, benefits, and disciplinary actions.

Sexual harassment in any form as well as creating a hostile work environment is specifically prohibited by this policy.