Goal #1


Children enter school ready to learn and succeed.


  • Increase access to affordable, quality preschool.
  • Increase parents understanding, confidence and skills

in helping children prepare for school.

  • Increase public awareness and support for investing in

early childhood education.


  • Offer Parent-to-Parent Mentoring
  • Provide early childhood programming that prepares children to succeed in school and life
  • Increase parent engagement in and understanding of early childhood development
  • Extend parenting education to workplace, healthcare providers, neighborhoods, churches, schools
  • Ensure children are healthy and safe

Youth complete high school ready for college, career and/or life


  • Ensure all children are on grade level in reading and

math by third grade.

  • Connect students with the support and skills they need

to succeed in school.

  • Equip parents and supportive adults to help children be

ready for and succeed in school.


  • Provide after school programming that develops life

skills, including but not limited to solving, coping, self-care and

communications skills

  • Provide youth with knowledge and skills required in the


  • Increase parent and youth engagement in and

understanding of college and career readiness

  • Increase youth access to a caring adult role model
  • Extend Parenting education (mentors, workshops,

classes) to workplace, neighborhoods, churches, schools

  • Ensure youth are healthy and safe

Goal #2


Individual and families are healthier.


  • Pursue and promote healthy living and lifestyle for children.
  • Pursue and promote healthy living and lifestyle for adults.
  • Increase access and coordination of affordable healthcare services for all.


  • Establish place-bases wellness coalitions to educate and motivate healthy choices
  • Increase access to healthy food & physical activities
  • Increase access to preventive health services
  • Increase individuals’ and families’ engagement in and understanding of health
  • Improve individuals’ and families’ healthy behavior
  • Ensure individuals’ and families’ are safe

Goal #3


Families have adequate income and assets to independently meet their families’ needs.


  • Decrease barriers to employment and higher education.
  • Increase ability to manage personal finances effectively.
  • Help people in crisis become self-sufficient.


  • Support individuals and families in establishing budgeting and banking skills
  • Increase access to and coordination between self-sufficiency services and individuals/families
  • Connect families and individuals in crisis to housing, food, healthcare and education
  • Increase employability of individuals through education of regional skills required for the regional employment opportunities
  • Support micro-enterprise training and creation